Just Quit

The best way to find cigarettes at discount prices is to just quit. Cigarettes will always be a luxury item, regardless of how long you’ve smoked. Quitting will cut the price of cigarettes down to zero, improve your overall health, help avoid taxation, reduce healthcare premiums and cost, reduce the cost of life insurance, reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and blood pressure disorders, increase the resale value of your home and car, help your overall oral health, and improve your smell. It is still something to consider if you are searching this hard to find cigarette discounts.


Big tobacco wants to keep you lighting up until the day you die. It isn’t a billion dollar industry for nothing. Finding coupons can reduce the price of a pack or carton of cigarettes greatly. Promotional giveaways, advertisements, and mailers are commonly employed by big tobacco companies to provide smokers with the discount on the price per pack. This is the easiest way to get cigarettes at discount prices. Start by going to the website for your brand of choice, join their mailing list, and wait for the coupons to start coming. Many manufacturers coupons will cut a buck or two of the price of a pack or several dollars of the price of a carton. Some can even be used in conjuncture with other coupons and sale prices.

Keep an Eye on Sales

Cigarette retailers, tobacco stores, gas stations, and any other retailer who deals with tobacco frequently offer discounts on their products to increase sales. Keep an eye on local prices at any place you can, and once the price goes down low, stock up. Use coupons if you can while sales are going on to further drop the price.