Today’s smokers have come to the conclusion that their addiction tobacco and cigarettes are costing them a great deal of money. Now, a smoker is able to go online and get an accurate report that breaks down how much money they are spending on cigarettes for a week, to a month, to a year, to five years.

Once this report is observed, the general reaction to a smoker is instant shortness of breath. Typically, it results with them thinking of ways to quit, but many know that quitting is something that they can’t afford to do or don’t have the will power.

What many smokers are now looking into, if they don’t have one already, is the electronic cigarette, and are finding a better alternative to only quitting smoking, but also saving money.

The electronic cigarette differs from a regular cigarette in a significant way, where the smoker is no longer inhaling the 4000 plus chemicals of a normal cigarette.

Electronic cigarettes got their popularity through the smoking world by allowing smokers to inhale not smoke, but the vapor that only contains the nicotine.

Due to them inhaling water vapor, this means that they can also smoke this cigarette in any public place. The vapor, every bit like the steam seen from hot showers or a hot plate of food, quickly dissipates after being exhaled.